• 17 km of ski trails of various difficulty with a total elevation gain of 4250 m,

  • 22 km of cross-country trails,

  • 19 km mountaineering routes,

  • 600 km of marked cycling trails,

  • 150 km of signposted hiking trails,

  • the most beautiful national park in Slovakia with fascinating flora and fauna,

  • traditional culture recognized by UNESCO,

  • gastronomy awarded by an EC trademark

  • many events of regional and national importance taking place throughout the year,

  • the specific culture related to the the person of Juraj Janošík, traditional folklore music form Terchová, and well preserved local traditions and customs,

  • wide range of premium accommodation and catering facilities

  • apart from the accommodation and restaurants there is a wide range of travel and tourism related services for the whole family

  • traditional specialties of the regional cuisine

  • kind and helpful people,

  • and much more – from romantic sites to adrenaline


Every country or region has its own kind of uniqueness.

THE MALÁ FATRA REGION is no doubt one of the most attractive tourist destinations in Slovakia, which offers something from every corner of the country. It features plains, charming cliffs of Strážovské and Chočské Mounains, vast woodlands of the Low Tatras, gorges of the Slovak Paradise as well as a bit from the rugged peaks of the High Tatras. One of the most magnificent Slovak peaks is Veľký Rozsutec which is one of the symbols of the region.

This picturesque region located in the heart of the Western Carpathians is an attractive tourist destination, as it combines beautiful nature, rich history and traditional culture. The ever-present panorama of Fatranský Kriván, Great Rozsutec and Choč accompanies visitors as they explore the nooks and corners of the land of Jánošík. Majestic castles and mansions of the Terchová valley with the authentic wooden structures and priceless natural monuments reveal the fascinating history and traditional life of the times long gone The uniqueness of the country is nicely complemented by the extensive array of services and opportunities to enjoy you time with family and friends. The region is crisscrossed by a dense network of hiking and biking trails some suitable for kids, and some which will satisfy even the most accomplished hikers. Adrenaline “junkies” will love white water rafting down the Váh river or high ropes course. In the winter, there are many ski lifts ready for the visitors in the Vrátna valley or right in the village of Terchová. Aside from the sport adventure, the region offers numerous cultural events in the birthplace of the famous highwayman. After a pleasantly hard day, one may recover their strength in on of wellness centers or spas.